Lacey III

Image Description
All the bears in the Lacey series are all one-of-a-kind bears made from upholstery velvet appliquéd with antique Belgian lace pieces that I have embellished with Japanese glass beads, French knots and various gem stones. The first Lacey was sold to a collector who watched me start her at a show in Greensboro. Another collector saw her while I was finishing her off for the first customer and asked me to make a similar bear for her. I had more lace and more dusty rose upholstery velvet so what the heck, I made some changes to the design and did just that. After the first two, I added gem stones, rubies for Lacey III, Australian opals for IV and emeralds for V. I still have more lace and more of the same upholstery velvet so, if you like Lacey III, I could make another, similar bear for just the right person.
Approximate Price/Value: $175