Cotton Shopping Tote Bag, Cat Names on Green Print

Image Description
A pretty reusable shopping and tote bag made of cotton fabric. It is also lined with a cotton fabric. Proudly made by an senior citizen in the U.S.A. Outside Fabric: Cat Names on Green Print Inside Fabric Pattern: Yellow Daisies This bag has a small Velcro strap to keep the bag folded up while you transport it in your purse or back pocket to the store. Also has a small loop in the back top to allow the cashiers to attach it to their plastic bag stands, for easy filling. Added a small piece of velcro to the side to allow the strap to be attached to the bag when you are using it for shopping (A customer requested addition) Surely, it will brighten your shopping day. Be the envy of everyone at the store. Great for using as a knitting bag. Measures: 13" Tall, Not including 14" handles 12" wide front and back 5" wide bottom and sides 5" side Velcro strap These bags are lead free. Perfect size for a dozen eggs, loaf of bread, fresh fruit and veggies, and a gallon of milk. Not too large so that it doesn't get heavy for us senior citizens to carry our groceries to the car and home. It is machine washable and dryable. Easily folds to a small size, just put the strap around to keep it flat. Let's go "Green" with this bag that was patterned after a paper grocery sack. Made with REPURPOSED ("Unloved and Unwanted") Cotton Fabric from thrift stores and estate sales and lined with cotton sheet material. One piece handles extend all the way to the bottom of the bag, giving extra strength and durability. This bag would be great for may things other than groceries, such as school books, lunch bag or beach items. It is strong enough to handle most of your items. HELP OUR ENVIRONMENT -- REUSABLE BAG. Just because my PRICES ARE REASONABLE, doesn't mean that my handiwork is not of GOOD QUALITY! I try to utilize "unwanted and unloved" quality fabrics found at estate and yard sales and at thrift stores, in order to keep my costs down and pass the savings to my customers. I create my items as a way to stay active and alert as an aging senior citizen. CUSTOMER FEEDBACK These bags are great! They're a great size (about 17" wide adding the side width) to prevent clerks from overloading (a problem I've had with other bags). The handle length & design is great for strength and so they don't get close to the ground when being carried by the handle (an issue I've had with some other bags when my kids help me carry in groceries). A fabulous buy, thank you! These bags are fantastic! I'm replacing all of my shopping totes with these as they are the perfect size, shape, design, and best of all - price! They would make lovely holiday gifts for teachers as they are both super cute and super functional. The best!