Vintage Champagne Glasses Coupe- Set of 4 Hollow Stemware

Image Description
Vintage hollow stem champagne glasses with classic coupe style. This set of 4 vintage champagne saucers keep the champagne in a vertical position (due to the hollow stem) very similar to champagne flutes. This allows the bubbles to last longer. So if you love this retro style but didn't want to sacrifice the bubbles these champagne glasses were made for you! This type of champagne glass is also great when used for cocktails, check out romantic musicals from the 1930's and on to see glamorous guys & gals sipping from glasses just like these. These glasses are in very excellent vintage condition no cracks or chips. Under 10 x magnification there are slight striations and a few minuscule bubbles, So I think they may be hand blown. I also have 2 more vintage Hollow Hollow stem glasses for sale that match exactly in style but are a small fraction taller and wider then the set of four that I have available. (They are approximately 5 1/4" inches tall, bowl diameter, 3 1/8 " inches, base 3 3/4". They will sell for $24.00). So it is possible to own six vintage hollow stem champagne glasses. Please send me a message via contact the seller if you are interested in this pair also. These vintage champagne glasses would be a lovely romantic gift for Valentine's Day or for a wedding. Each glass is approximately 5 1/8 inches tall with diameter of the bowl 3 1/4 inches and the base diameter is 3 3/4" inches, They will hold about 4 oz. The The Silver Gorham tray pictured is for sale in at www. Look under the serving & entertaining category.