Vintage Glass Pitcher,Jeannette, Marigold Hex Optic Carnival Glass

Image Description
Vintage Jeannette Carnival Glass Pitcher in Marigold, a unique Iridescent Hex Optical pattern.This great Vintage Barware or Kitchenware Pitcher is a lustrous Peachy Gold that shimmers and reflects the optic, honeycomb design. This vintage pitcher is circa 1940's-1950's and will mix nicely with many contemporary tableware designs. The Large heavy glass Jeannette Pitcher is in excellent condition. Serve up a Large pitcher of Margaritas or Iced Tea, or use for serving ice water at your holiday dinner table. This Vintage Hex Optic Pitcher is a large 64 ounce, well made sturdy serving item with a curved pour spout to help keep the ice in the pitcher. The color is a iridescent gold with shimmers of opalescent pinks, oranges and gold, it really shines with light reflecting off the surface. absolutely gorgeous. Jeanette is well known for quality glasswares and also designed drinking glasses to match. This Hex Optic Water Pitcher is in Excellent Condition, with a very minimal amount of wear,just some fading at the pour spout but no major scratches or chips. The pitcher is approximately 9" inches tall and 5.5" wide and will hold approximately 64 ounces, Marked 1 on the bottom. Please follow this link to find more Refined Vintage items that you may also like Please feel free to share and comment on something that you like, you will receive a bonus discount for your kind efforts! Thank you! Please Note: If you encounter a problem paying for your order via Pay Pal, please call toll free 1-888-221-1161 for assistance. PayPal will be happy to help you.