5x8 Ft (152x245) cm Turquoise Blue Color PATCHWORK Handmade Rug

Image Description
The Rug in the photo is 5x8 Ft (152x245 cm) We have a stock of over 1000 rugs; making this design available in various other sizes as well as Custom in 10 days. Wool and cotton blend, backed with a durable cotton twill, hand stitched, 100% handmade. Fashioned from originally handmade and organically dyed wool and cotton blend vintage Turkish rugs most of which simply laid discarded at homes where they were generally received as wedding presents from bridegroom's parents decades ago, these splendid and fun rugs are a joyful rejuvenation of tradition with a modern twist. We produce these splendid patchwork rugs in a large variety of colors, bright or faded based on your choice. You can have your rug in any size you wish within ten days. Our beautiful distressed/recycled patchwork rugs are recycled from genuine handwoven Turkish carpets from our stock which were woven in the 1950's and 1960's. These rugs are first used to produce our overdyed vintage rug series; from which we also produce our patchwork vintage series. The overdyed rugs are used as they are and they blend in any environment with their varied colors. The patchwork series are produced by cutting our overdyed rugs into geometrical shapes and hand stitching them together with a strong cotton thread and finishing by sewing a dark colored strong denim at the back; that protects and extends the rugs life. Patchwork rugs are ideal for custom designs; making the rug just for you. With so many color choices, you can design your own rug by mixing colors and shapes together. You can even choose the color of the yarn that is used for stitching the pieces. Hence your rug is unique to you! FREE Shipment Worldwide by UPS Expedited Service (3-6 days to anywhere in the world). Please feel free to ask any questions you might have before placing an order.
Approximate Price/Value: $599