Reserved for Melissa Handcrafted Marquee Sterling Silver Earrings

Image Description
These are part of my new collection. I love long, dangly, sparkly earrings that catch your eye and these fit the bill. In fact, I saw someone wearing a pair of earrings that kept catching my eye across the church from me . After the service, I went up to her to look at her earrings and realized they were mine! I had sold them to her husband a few weeks before.

These earring are made up of sterling silver smooth and beaded wire. I have curved the wire to create swirls that complement each other. They dangle from a sterling silver French ear wire. They are very light and comfortable.

These earrings are 2 1/4" long from the top of the wire to swirl at the bottom. They are 5/8" wide. They dangle from a sterling silver French earwire and have a silicone ear stop, which I highly recommend you use. They are very light and work their way out of your ears very easily.
Approximate Price/Value: $35