Mermaid Teeswater Locks to Spin or Doll Hair 10 inch staple 1 oz

Image Description

These stunning Teeswater long locks came from the award winning flock of Natalie Redding at Namaste Farms in California. The locks are an average staple length of 10 inches. Natalie carefully skirted the fleece and I carefully washed the fiber to keep the lock structure intact. I then hand painted the locks with professional acid dyes that are light-fast and color-fast in Chartreuse, Peacock, Royal Blue and Violet to create the Mermaid colorway.

These locks would be perfect for spinning into tailspun long locks yarn. Tailspun yarn is what I used to create my "Extreme Fringe Scarves" that became a huge fashion craze in the fiber arts world.

Or, use these locks for doll hair on a reborn, re-root or one of your original doll creations.

Teeswater sheep are a rare breed and these long locks are extremely difficult to find. Teeswater wool is one of the finer long-wools and it has very good luster. The staples are long with tapered tips that form a mass of small curly locks. Finding Teeswater locks this long is even rarer than the breed!

There are four ounces of these locks available at the time of listing. 4.7 oz is shown in the photos. I am selling these locks BY THE OUNCE.
Approximate Price/Value: $10