Fringed Sari Silk Boho Chic Hand Knitted Long Skinny Scarf

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Sari Silk Long Skinny Scarf - Boho Chic

This scarf is hand knitted from fair trade recycled sari silk ribbon yarn in a rainbow of gorgeous colors. Very Boho Chic!

Here is a little bit about the ribbon yarn used in this gorgeous scarf:

This fair trade sari ribbon is made by a women's collective in Nepal that collects sari silk scraps from textile factories. They stitch the scraps together, end to end, to form a long multi-colored ribbon of sari fabric, which may include solids, irridescents, stripes, and jacquards. The edges of this ribbon are not finished like a commercial ribbon, they are frayed. The width of the ribbon varies considerably throughout the skein; on average it's about 7/8." Texture varies too - there are crisp taffetas, smooth satins, light organzas, and heavy metallic embroideries. There may be one or two knots or splices within the skein. As with most recycled silk products, this ribbon may not be completely colorfast when wet - I recommend handwashing separately in cold water with a gentle detergent.

As with most of my items, this scarf is my own design and creation, making it a one-of-a-kind Split Rock Ranch Design!

The scarf measures a total of 6 feet 8 inches in length, including the fringe at each end. The main scarf is 5 feet in length, not including the fringe. It is about 2 inches in width.

Can be worn many different ways - use your imagination to create the perfect look for you!

Color may vary per monitor.
Approximate Price/Value: $24