Handmade Wool Shawl - Herb Garden~Handspun yarns, knitted & crocheted

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Herb Garden

This gorgeous shawl is hand knitted and crocheted using handspun wool yarns. I hand spun the merino/corriedale batts into a slightly thick and thin navajo plied yarn and then hand knitted the shawl using a pattern from Yarnmarket.com. This pattern is by Natalie at Namaste Farms - you can find her yarns at Yarnmarket.com and the patterns are there, too.

I then crocheted the incredible tailspun yarn along the edges and across the back of the shawl, creating an Earthy piece of fiber art to wear.

The colors in this piece are so Earthy and warm. And the wool yarn will keep you warm, too. While the name of this shawl is Herb Garden, I'm reminded of Druids, Faeries and forest nymphs when I see this shawl.

Dimensions: The shawl is 30 inches across at the top, from tip to tip and 20 inches from the top edge to the tip of the bottom triangle, not including fringe. The fringe is 6 to 8 inches in length and averages 7 inches, making the shawl approximately 27 inches from top to bottom of fringe.

You'll surely get lots of compliments and looks wearing this shawl. Will coordinate beautifully with black, cream, tan, khaki, sage, chocolate brown, rust and forest green.