First Shearing Silver Llama Roving~Soft, Clean, Lustrous

Image Description
This gorgeous roving is from the first shearing fleece from our handsome male llama, Tempis Fugit. It is a stunning silver/gray color that is incredibly soft and lustrous. Very clean with exceptional handle.

There is only one first shearing in any fiber animal's life so when this is gone, its gone for good. Don't miss out on the opportunity to work with some of the finest fiber available for spinning, felting or fiber art.

The staple length on this fiber is 4+ inches and it is a dream to spin.

The color is gorgeous as is or it can be overdyed.

I have just three bumps of this fiber available for sale. This bump is 10.0 ounces. Llama fiber loves to be spun very fine so this amount of roving will give you plenty of yardage to make a larger project. I can see this spun very fine and knitted into a lacy shawl.

Llama fiber is hollow so it traps warmth, much like down, making it very warm, yet lightweight.