Eddy Cobiness small framed print of raccoon 1979 work Ojibwa

Image Description
This is a small framed print of an Eddy Cobiness work. The subject is a curled up raccoon with a startled expression (sort of raccoon in headlights). The raccoon seems to have a stone in one paw. If you have a soft spot for these creatures as I do, you will find this very a very satisfying work of art.

The print is 6.75 x 8.75 inches including the light wood frame. The print is signed Cobiness 79 and a bit of scribble that is part of the signature. It looks to be a numbered piece as the speck of ink in the lower left corner are tiny numbers which I can't make out.

Eddy Cobiness was a member of the Ojibwa nation, born in Minnesota in 1933 and died in Manitoba in 1996.
He was a self taught artist and worked as a graphic designer and his works were mostly taken from nature. He was a member of the Indian Group of Seven and the Woodland School of Art. He began making realistic drawings and became more abstract with age. He experimented with many mediums. His works are in the collections of many important people including Queen Elizabeth II and former Prime Minister of Canada, John Chretien.