Old Ribbon Retro Microphone Pendant Charm Necklace Adjust Slip Cord

Image Description
This pendant necklace is made with an old retro ribbon style microphone pendant charm. The dimensional microphone has a vintage look dating as far back back as the 1920's. The pendant comes with an adjustable, black waxed cotton slip-knot cord. There is no clasp. Simply put on over your head and pull on the cord endings to adjust the length. The metal alloy pendant is dimensional and double sided with features of a real ribbon microphone. The microphone swings from its stand with movable parts. It is an amazing piece and very unique. Especially nice for karaoke, professional singer, or recording artist. Can be worn by both women and men. For those who do not wear jewelry, this can also be hung on the rear view mirror of a car. Details: Microphone pendant measures: Approximately 2 inches x ½ inch. (47 mm). See photos 8 and 9. Black cotton cord longest length: 24 inches (60.9 cm). Adjust shorter with slip knot cord to any length. See photo 10 showing slip knot. Silver plated split ring on microphone pendant for a secure hold. Another unique music themed item from The Singing Beader. See more unusual pieces at shop section "Musical Instruments, etc." at The Singing Beader. Read interesting information and history about ribbon microphones below. MP5