Cheerful Greetings Brown Corduroy Purse with Beaded Trim

Image Description
Lightweight and soft to the touch, the brown corduroy I used for this fun purse is the color of my favorite food: chocolate! Two stripes of beaded crochet trim fly across the front and the brown strap is long enough to sling over your shoulder or all the way across your body.

Dimensions: 8" x 8.5" x 1"
Strap Length: 47" (23.5" from top of purse to shoulder)
Fabric Type(s): Corduroy
Closure: Zipper

Wallets, sunglasses, cell phones, all the usual small stuff will fit just fine. I reinforced the stitching where the strap attaches and the bottom corners for extra durability and all of the inner edges are overlocked to combat fraying.

This purse is not lined and does not have interior or exterior pockets, but I'm considering those extra features in future designs. The sunglasses are used for scale only and are not included with the purchase of this purse. Same goes for the girl and her clothes...and my backyard, too, for that matter!

I've been using the very first purse I made from this pattern and am absolutely stunned at how much will fit in there. I even got a small bottle of water in it, which thrilled me because I'd done the gusseting on the bottom as an experiment to see if the purse would hold a little more and boy oh boy, it sure did.

The purse you see in the pictures is what will arrive in your mailbox. If there are further questions about it that you'd like answered, please contact me.
Approximate Price/Value: $14.99