Fuchsia Sequined Dark Velvet Ribbon Choker Necklace with Glass Beads

Image Description
Length: 13.75" to 16.25"
Colors: Bright Pink/Fucshia, Dark Blue (so deep it's purplish black), Silver/Clear/Green/Blue/Brown/Orange
Details: Multi-colored, speckled, glass beads on thin, flower-sequined velvet
Type of Clasp: Lobster Clasp
Ribbon Width: 5/8"

Do you like a little understated flair? How about some cute attitude? Maybe a little drama or romance? Well, to me, that's what ribbon choker necklaces are for.

They bring color to simple casual outfits, even add that finishing touch to really make the ensemble.

Best of all, they don't steal the show from that fancy gown or top you paid crazy money for, they accentuate it.

I wear a ribbon choker necklace almost every day. I've got ribbons in all the best colors for all kinds of occasions and I make these necklaces in adjustable sizes to fit girls, teens and women so if you want to buy a few for your sister, mother, aunt or best friend, I've got you covered.

Be sure to measure your neck and pick the one where the circumference of your neck falls as close as possible to the middle of the length range I list for each necklace.  That way you'll be able to wear your necklace high or low around your neck. The more options, the better.

If you're not quite sure about sizing, contact me. I'd love to help you out.

I make ribbon chokers with beads, without beads, some embroidered and will be adding more designs in the future, so check my other listings here and at http://RinaSlayter.etsy.com for a complete selection...so that you can grow your collection, too.

Custom and/or bulk orders are welcome and encouraged. I am a full time artisan so my turnaround time is very quick.

Each necklace will be carefully wrapped around a card and slid into an envelope inside a mailer. It will arrive ready for you to personalize as a treasured, easy gift. Sorry, but the shirts in the pictures are not included. My mannequin and I enjoy wearing them too much!

As an added bonus, for every three of my ribbon choker necklaces you purchase, I'll include one more as my gift to you. So pick out a few colors and have a fun time!
Approximate Price/Value: $6.99