Vintage Jacqueline Ferrar Designer Blue And Purple Floral Scarf

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Vintage Jacqueline Ferrar Designer Blue And Purple Floral Scarf -Item#VS128

This beautiful vintage Jacqueline Ferrar designer blue and purple floral scarf is in excellent condition considering its age. As the photograph shows the center of the scarf has a white background with black polka dots and blue and purple flowers throughout bordered by a blue and black border with blue and purple flowers throughout.

There are no stains or tears however there are several invisible pin holes that are only visible if held up to bright light and a very tiny run along one edge where a thread is loose on the rolled hem about 1 inch long. None of these would ever be noticed when worn.

This lovely Jacqueline Ferrar designer blue and purple floral scarf measures approximately 10”wide x 52”long. It is missing its tag but it has a silky feel to it. This is scarf has obviously been well cared for during its lifetime so far and with continued care it will give you many years of enjoyment.

Care Instructions for Scarf:

Pure silk is a valuable natural material with a wonderful luxurious feel to it. Care for silk scarf should be handled with love and care. When not wearing it, fold it without creasing it and store it in a box wrapped in tissue paper.

You can also hang it over a padded hanger. If your silk scarf is wrinkled you can always iron it. When ironing your scarf use the lowest heat setting on your iron (one the scale).However, most wrinkles will come out if you simply hang the scarf in the bathroom when you take a shower as the high humidity will cause the wrinkles to come out.

Silk can be cleaned by hand washing with cold or lukewarm water using mild soap like baby shampoo. Always try a small inconspicuous area to try when attempting to wash any fine silk. Never let silk soak in the water for more than a few minutes. Never ever use bleach on silk as it will destroy the fabric.

You can put herb sachets in the drawer where you keep your scarves, as it will keep the silk scarves fresh with light fragrance. Repeated washing can damage the fibers of any clothing item … especially vintage. To keep your scarves in good condition wash them as little as possible.

Dry cleaner cloths are a great for home washing care. One cloth can clean up to six items.

Don’t wash fabrics such as rayon, silk, pure wool, satin, acetate, taffeta and lace.

Regardless of the wash care instructions on very old vintage items, washing or dry cleaning them, especially when it comes to silk, can be very harmful to their delicate fabrics. Try to resist the temptation of wearing a scarf two days in a row. Airing allows the garments fibers to breathe and restores it for the next wearing.

The usual disclaimers apply to these instructions as they have been gleaned many different sources and we do not have personal experience with their use. We have simply compiled these for the convenience of our customers.

NOTE: We always do our best to point out and photograph any flaws that are visible to the naked eye as we in no way wish to misrepresent the condition of this or any other product that we are selling. This is a vintage item and as such can be expected to show some signs of normal wear. The following is a guide for condition:

Excellent – means that there are no visible holes, tears ,rips or stains on the scarf and appears to have less than the normal amount of wear for its age.

Good – means that there may be one or two minor flaws such as pin holes, the hem may have a very small section coming loose or it may have very small stains on it however the scarf appears to have a normal amount of wear for its age.

Average – means that there are several minor flaws such as pin holes, loose hem or stains otherwise the scarf appears to have a normal amount of wear for its age.

Most of our scarves are in Excellent or Good condition. Scarves that are in average condition will be noted and will be greatly reduced in price.

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