Large Dangle Earring of Copper Washers and Wire Wrapped

Image Description
This Large Dangle Earring is truly made completely of Copper Washers and some wire wrapping. This is the Industrial or Hardware Store Jewelry taken to a new level. Absolutely gorgeous on and makes a statement about your strong, artistic and unique side.

You will love the statement these earrings make, with your hair up or your hair down. They will also look wonderful with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or that black dress in your closet.

I have always made somewhat conservative size earrings, I am not exactly sure why I settled there, but I do have luck selling a more conservative style earring. Well, I have a very gorgeous and not conservative niece who loves over-sized earrings. I usually make Christmas presents for my family so when I sat down to make Megan's gift I decided to rty and make an earring she would love. That meant large! Well I started playing came up with this design and a few others and I am hooked! I love the over-sized earring. I myself have short hair so I have been wearing these all over town. Keep an eye out for more oversized earrings from Whim Originals.

These earrings are approx. 3.5 inches from the hook to the bottom of the earring, these cannot be modified to a shorter length.

Crystals and glass beads are added to the center for some sparkle.

The entire earring has been sprayed with 3 coats of varnish to prevent tarnish. Ear wires are surgical steel.

This item will be made especially for you! Please allow a minimum of one week to allow for creation and shipping.
Approximate Price/Value: $39