Zapata #2

Image Description
Zapata was born to Gabriel Zapata, a peasant who trained and sold horses, and Cleofas Salazar in the small central state of Morelos, in the village of Anenecuilco (modern-day Ayala municipality). Zapata's family were Mestizos, being of mixed Nahua and Spanish ancestry; Emiliano was the ninth of ten children. A peasant since childhood, he gained insight into the severe difficulties of the countryside. He received a limited education from his teacher, Emilio Vara. He had to care for his family because his father died when Zapata was 17. Around the turn of the 20th century Anenecuilco was an indigenous Nahuatl speaking community, there exist eyewitness accounts stating that Emiliano Zapata spoke Nahuatl fluently. Print is 11" x 17" and comes laminated unless requested otherwise.
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