Fur Buddy Bed - XX-Small

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Put your little one to sleep in this Celestial bed.
It is made with a high quality fiber fill and Anti Pill fleece. For the bottom of this XX-Small is preshrunk 100% cotton Denim.

The walls are higher then most beds on the market and will stop all drafts, surrounding your pet in warmth and comfort. Even if you live in a Southern state you will probably keep you house cool then your pet likes with an air conditioner. This bed will provide a place for them to warm up.

I have been making these beds for 10 years now, well over 2000 made, and never had one complaint.

This is a XX-Small and will fit a pet up to 8 lbs. The walls are very forgiving and once a pet curls up inside can stretch an additional 2 inches. Even when they get too warm they will prefer to stretch out and hang over the walls rather then get out. This is the best design for cooler climates as it allows the pet to be surrounded on all sides with very little area for drafts of cold air.

I can do any solid color fleece if you have a decor you are trying to match. Please contact me if you need any further questions answered.

Machine wash and dry on cool.

For shipping outside the US please contact me for a quote.

Thank you for looking.
Approximate Price/Value: $19