100% Natural Grapeseed Butter 4oz

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100% Natural Grapeseed Butter - An unscented, antioxidant-rich infusion of golden shea butter and grape seed oil. This recipe hydrates, optimizes and supports skin of all types and ages as it glides over exceptionally dry skin and/or achy body parts. Growing bellies benefit greatly from this high-yielding butter, as its mild lubricating properties aid in the skin's natural elasticity process, decreasing the visibility of stretch-marks. Babies benefit from this recipe's simplicity as a basic moisturizer and as a soothing natural topical that creates a proficient barrier against wetness when integrated into diaper care regimen. With regular usage, skin appears nourished, oxygenated and well-maintained. Words of power for this recipe are: Shea Butter, Grape Seed Oil
Approximate Price/Value: $12