Titanium Ring Inlaid with Ironwood and Deer Antler Wedding Band

Image Description
This is a beautiful organi mens wedding band. The neutral shades of the natural materials make this a very earthy design. It is modern in style but very easy to wear with anything.

If youre a hunter, you can use this ring as a trophy of a successful hunt. A fabulous way to show off to your fellow hunters. Theyll be amazed at this unique way to have a hunters trophy. Whats the betting theyll want one too.

I can supply the deer antler but if you prefer to send me a piece, then please note that it cannot be smaller than 1.5 inches in diameter and 6 inches long.

Ironwood is naturally dense and heavy and often used for decking since it is so durable. Ironwood is also sometimes called hornbeam. It really is an amazing species of wood and there is incredible detail in the grain which is hard to show in an image. It really looks alive.

The antler and Buckeye Burl inlays are entirely seamless and have NO JOINS.

Ironwood 2 mm wide, Antler 5mm making the ring 8 mm wide

5 mm Antler
1 mm Titanium
2 mm Ironwood
Available Ring Sizes: 3 to 16, including 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 sizes.
All rings have a comfort fit
Titanium rings are not re-sizable


We highly recommend that you get your ring size measured by at least 2 reputable jewelers that agree on the size as Titanium rings are not re-sizable. Get sized for a wide ring.
Approximate Price/Value: $399