Antique Brass Box Slug Iron

Image Description
Antique brass slug or box iron with turned wood handle circa late 1800's. These irons were around from the 17th/18th century through to the turn of the last century and while it might appear ornamental it was a fully functional iron.

At the back of the iron is a guillotine like latch that lifts and reveals the hollow interior. Inside of this was placed a hot slug (piece of metal) heated on the fire or range, the latch was closed securing the slug inside and the iron would heat. Clever as it kept the base of the iron clean from soot and ash etc but laborious and somewhat hazardous handling the slug!

In this case the slug is missing - although they can still be found for sale minus the iron.

I haven't cleaned the brass or waxed the handle but think it will clean up nicely if a polished effect is preferred. A nice European addition to an antiques collection and good conversation item. These also make excellent door stops as they are heavy!


Weight is 29.8oz (846g)
Height: just over 5" (12.7cm)
Length: 6" (15.2cm)
Width: just over 3" (8.5cm)
Approximate Price/Value: $75