RESRVED Candy Canes Mini Thank You Cards Handmade Set of 20

Image Description
RESERVED for Jilene This is a set of 20 holiday themed mini thank you cards. I hand cut these from white card stock. The cards are 2" by 2". The top front of each card is covered in a white paper with candy canes. The bottom half is covered in a red and white stripes paper. Across the center of each card is piece of white cardstock paper. The hand-stamped message "Thank You" is attached to the front of each card. Each card also has a glittery candy cane sticker attached. The stickers have "bling gems" on them. Half of the candy cards are green and white, the other half are red and white. These are blank inside and do NOT come with envelopes. You can write your own message inside. A cute way for online seller to send a personal note of appreciation in with their orders. Or use them to say "thank you" to anyone any time.
Approximate Price/Value: $5.5