ACEO Mini Painting Custom Pet Portrait RSalcedo EBSQ A4C

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I am an Art For Critters supporting artist. Your pet portrait and animal art purchase will help provide care and shelter to animals in need! Thank you for your support! Look for A4C in listings. Is a large portrait not in the budget right now? Get a mini portrait instead. They're just as great, only smaller! Great gift for the art and dog lover! Get a beautifully painted tiny portrait for you or your special someone and I guarantee you will treasure it forever. Get two, they're small! To order: Attach a picture of your pet when you checkout or send an email and I will paint a portrait! It's the KISS Method to ordering a portrait.(Keep It Simple Silly). How long will it take? Lead times vary, but usually I will ship in 1-4 weeks. If you need something quickly, please check with me before ordering! Portrait size: MINIATURE! ACEO, 2.5" x 3.5", portrait or landscape Media choices: 1) Colored Pencil or graphite (black pencil) on paper or rigid art board. 2) Acrylic on flat canvas paper, art board, stretched canvas or Masonite panel. (Stretched canvas and Masonite display nicely on a small easel.) Tips on how to choose if you want a painting: 1) Canvas paper, regular paper and art board can be matted and framed or trimmed and placed in a baseball card sleeve. The piece will come with a 1/4" border for matting, or you can specify it trimmed, and it will arrive in an acid-free protective sleeve and an ultra premium top loader for your viewing pleasure! 2) Mini stretched canvas can be set on a mini easel or placed into a mini frame meant for paintings (without glass). This canvas is purchased, pre-stretched and glued on the side. There are no side or back staples. (They are not museum quality as they are not stretched to the back.) 3) Flat canvas should only be order if you plan to stretch the canvas yourself and it will include up to a 2" border for stretching at your request. (This can also come mounted on chipboard where it can then be displayed on an easel or go right into an aceo frame. 4) Masonite panel is a hard panel that has been prepared on the front to receive a painting or drawing. Panel can be framed or just sit on a tiny easel. This tiny piece of art will be an original painting from the photo you provide. I just want you to know that art is very personal, and artists need a little liberty with expression. So, if you are going to do this, please remember that what you are really buying is my art and my artistic expression, not a photo of your pet. You will need a photographer if you are looking for that!