8x10 Drawing Custom Pet Original Portrait Graphite by RSalcedo Ebsq

Image Description
Thanks for taking a peek! Portrait size: 8x10", portrait or landscape Medium: Graphite Pencil (black and white) This piece will be a work of art, an original portrait made just for you by me! I just want you to know that art is very personal, and artists need a little liberty with expression. So, if you are going to do this, please remember that what you are really buying is my art and my artistic expression, not a photo of your pet. You will need a photographer if you are looking for that! A little about me: I feel really fortunate to be an artist, and to be in collections all over the place! I am eternally grateful for the support of amazing people all over the world! I'm a fine artist, decorative painter, writer and musician raised in the Pacific Northwest, currently residing in Atlanta, GA. I studied fine art and french in the US and France. My usual mediums include acrylic, watercolor and mixed media, but I like to experiment! I enjoy pop art and low brow as well as more traditional genres. You can see my blog portfolio at Smellyrhino.com, and as an eco friendly artist on twitter! I also paint very serious trompe l'oeil for my clients. Visit auzias.com to visit my really cool decorative painting business! RETURN POLICY: I do everything in my power to represent each item to the very best of my ability so you can be sure of what you are receiving. This item is an original work of art. I cannot guarantee that the colors on your monitor wont be slightly different from the actual image, but I know that all my work looks even better in person than it ever does in a scan! Your patronage means so much to me! I would be crushed to hear that you didn't like the art that you purchased. But, if it's true, and you really don't like it, I will accept a return with a 50% restocking fee. So, you may return the item within 7 days, undamaged at your shipping expense, and I'll will refund 50% your purchase price minus sellers fees. Copyright and special considerations: You can give it away, keep it, love and display it, but I retain all rights to the use of this image now and in the future. Any reproduction, (print or original) of this or any of my art without my express written consent is illegal and shows a serious lack of creativity on your part. Even though this is a custom portrait of your pet, I still retain all rights to publish and reproduce any artwork created by me. By agreeing to order a custom portrait, you are acknowledging that you have pre-authorized me to use photographs of your pet for my art process.