8x10 Custom Pet Portrait by RSalcedo EBSQ A4C US Shipping Included

Image Description
Experience the joy of a custom pet portrait of your very special little family member! Surprise a loved one with a memento they will treasure for a lifetime. For a limited time, receive a free print of your painting and free shipping anywhere in the U.S. with your order! I am an Art For Critters supporting artist. Your pet portrait and animal art purchase will help provide care and shelter to animals in need! Thank you for your support! Look for A4C in listings. You send a pic of your pet, I make a custom pet portrait. Portrait size: 8x10", portrait or landscape Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas or watercolor on Aquabord masonite panel *Pricing is based on one subject in the painting. Additional animals in the painting affects pricing, so please ask me before purchasing if you want more than just one animal, or have unusual background requests. Each additional subject in a pet portrait adds a 40% additional charge. I just want you to know that art is very personal, and artists need a little liberty with expression. So, if you are going to do this, please remember that what you are really buying is my art and my artistic expression, not a photo of your pet. You will need a photographer if you are looking for that!