Cracks in The Armor Antiqued Silver Statement Necklace

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♥♥♥ About This Necklace ♥♥♥
The conceptual idea behind this design is that everyone has some form of emotional or mental armor around them. The "cracks" in our armor let the people around us to see who we really are. I believe these little fissures are actually a source of great strength because even the toughest of people needs some help every now and then!

This necklace was the most difficult piece to make in my Statement Collection. All the individual components actually came from one large piece that was broken apart after casting. Then each polished and plated component is fitted back into necklace like a puzzle piece. I actually had to write little numbers on the back of each piece to keep track of them all. All the individual components are linked together by jumprings so the entire necklace still moved naturally with the body. Finally, the flat ¼ inch snake chain is soldered onto the last piece so it's super strong!

This necklace was plated with a sterling silver and rhodium mixture with a very slight patina for that antiqued silver look. Each individual piece was hand stressed and plated so the surface is not going to be perfectly smooth.

♥♥♥ Measurements ♥♥♥
- The fan portion measures 2.0 x 5.0 at the widest points
- The entire necklace measures 18.0 inches long with a 2.5 inch extender
- This piece weights approximately 4.0 oz (1.0 lb = 16.0oz)

♥♥♥ How Is It Made ♥♥♥
Each creation in my 2010 statement collection is made using a complicated mold cast process. I like to sketch awhile before I start so a lot of these pieces actually got started in the summer. I usually only cast metal pieces in the winter and spring because they are all done in my well ventilated garage and it's like 120 degree in Phoenix from June-Sept so it can get quite unpleasant! Each individual pewter component is casted individually and then polished, soldered or strung together to create the final look. The whole thing is then plated with a very thin layer of my own blend of sterling silver and rhodium (rhodium prevents tarnishing). I use to do the plating by dipping the entire piece in the molten hot silver mixture but that was very messy. Now I just air spray it on for a smooth, uniformed look! All of my pewter is sourced in the US and it's always lead and nickel free.

♥♥♥ US Domestic Shipping And Insurance ♥♥♥
All Xanadu Statement Collection pieces are shipped via USPS first class mail (2-5 days) with complementary insurance and delivery confirmation. If you need an alternative shipping method, please contact me before you complete the purchase!

♥♥♥ International Shipping And Insurance ♥♥♥
All Xanadu Statement Collection pieces are shipped via USPS first class international mail (7-10 days) with NO insurance. Xanadu Designs is NOT responsible for lost or damaged international parcels once they are in hands of the USPS. You may purchase USPS international insurance at an additional cost of $11.50 per total order. If you want to add insurance, please contact me before you complete the purchase.

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Approximate Price/Value: $49.95