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Welcome ···~~··· To Arcanian world of magickal arts ! Thank You for visiting! Magical Mystery keeps life interesting! ···~~··· Welcome to my little magick shop where I bring handmade artifacts. Magickal infused jewellery, shamanistic, and esoteric tribal ethnic crafts. Made Mostly in my workshop and a wide collection of vintage items Created with magickal intentions high vibrational frequencies focused and infused with love!>3 ~*~Thank you ~*~ for all your support in helping artist worldwide without you it would not be possible with gratitude and love may we grow together as a tribal family wise and peaceful. ···~~··· ✦Please read our polices on the nature of posting and our policy regarding such matters. ✦Please note all international sent items are without tracking options are given for tracking and faster shipping in the drop menu in options, i also include a upgrade in my listing, can be used after a purchase but not after i sent it. ✦We highly advice to pay for tracking numbers for without tracking there is no way to track them it is in your best interest and for your protection. ✦Customer orders are welcomed please note certain materials will depend on my location as I travel extensively and some countries ban or make shipping difficult check your county for details. ✦ Customers- Please contact me with any inquiries about my artefacts or your purchases ONLY here via Conversations. Please do not contact me through my email or my Facebook page as it makes it much harder for me to keep track on messages. Messages that are sent to my email and Facebook can be often not seen or sent to spam. Thank You!! ✦When sending a message here on please be patient as more often I do take time to get back to everyone. I try to be thorough and give my full attention to each of you. That takes time. :) Thank you for your understanding! ✦ Please make sure to review our 'Shop Policies' before placing an order ✦When placing an order with Arcanian you are agreeing that you read and understood or policies . It's not the destination but the journey ···~~··· More »