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A few years ago I worked as a teacher at school. I really liked working with children. There were adventures, laughter, different stories, and of course delicious tea party cookies. After some time, my children were born. They were very small and I could no longer work at school, I thought about what I want to do. This is how the idea of ​​a family business related to cookie cutter came about. At the beginning there was a lot of work and very little time, I often worked at night to create new forms. And in the afternoon, the children and I baked cookies from these forms to see that they turn out really beautiful. There are over 1000 different cookie cutters in my store right now. And I can say with confidence that every shape and every cookie made from my cookie cutter will be of excellent quality, bright and unique! And I have a lot of plans ahead, which means many more beautiful cookie cutters for you. More »