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Original Art for Sale, Fine Art, Abstract, Triptych, Copper, Painting, Modern,Unique, Art by atlcopperworks on artfire. My name is Karina Keri-Matuszak. I create unique copper paintings and sell them all over the world. My art has appeared on television, in books and in magazines. Watch this video to learn more about my art Here's what one artfire customer had to say..."The piece is more intriguing and more beautiful than I could have imagined or hoped for. I love knowing the meaning behind the title. Absolutely brilliant! Don't stop creating - your work is extraordinary!!" Did you know you can enhance your wealth or romance by placing copper art in select places around your home? You can place copper paintings around your home using Feng Shui. Looking for a boost in your love life? Try one in your bedroom. Want an increase in money? Try one in your wealth corner. It's fun to play around with (and looks great too). More »