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Welcome to BadgeBlingCS

Hi! I am a Registered Nurse who created BadgeBlingCS in 2015. Since then I've sold over 6400 pieces countrywide! I wanted to upscale my everyday work badge and decided to create the art pieces for myself. I was asked to create pieces for other coworkers and decided to start BadgeBlingCS! My shop is unique because I make high quality, interchangeable badge holders and pins! They are interchangeable with the help of hook and loop. I made them interchangeable so when your reel breaks, you can keep the art and replace the reel! Also, making my pieces interchangeable provides you with variety. You can change your badge jewelry out with the changing seasons and holidays. Plus my badge holders make beautiful gifts for anyone who has a badge reel: hospitals, clinics, home supply places, computer science, factory works, ect. Great gifts for everyone! Come see my Facebook page @ BadgeBlingCS to enjoy new additions and irders created aroundcthe US! I am so very excited to create something special for you! More »