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100% natural, pure vegetable, cold pressed woad ( Isatis Tinctoria ) oil, used as a non-hormonal eyelashes, eyebrows and hair growth activator / stimulator. BeOrigins woad oil revitalize your hair and make them longer and stronger! ✔ Product claims/properties declared by the Client ✔ The product helps to reduce hair loss. ✔ The product strengthens hair. ✔ The product gives energy to hair. ✔ The product helps to stimulates hair growth. ✔ The product refreshes damaged hair. ✔ The product revitalizes damaged hair. ✔ The product increases hair volume. ✔ The product improves and strengthens natural hair color. There is no additional water, impurities and unnecessary components in the product. We recommend to use woad oil for hair strengthening, hair loss prevention, growth stimulation, natural pigment restoration, hair growth. Safe to use: dermatologically, micro-biologically, chemically and Clinically tested by Hamilton laboratory, certificate Nr 184802/19/SEW. Research duration: 56 days, 25 participants. Cruelty-Free Companies: we say NO to animal testing! Made in EU. More »