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Welcome to BelleByJessi

Made in the USA! All my items are hand-crafted exclusively by me - Jessi! Each product is hand cut and professionally machine stitched (no manufacturing or outsourcing). I have a beautiful sewing studio with six specialized sewing machines and play-space for my little boys. I love it! My husband now works from home with me! It allows us to support our family without missing any precious moments with our sons. In an effort to support American-made manufacturing, most of my fabric is purchased as remnants from a local mill. I get beautiful high-quality fabrics in small quantities at discount prices. This allows me to keep my items unique, my prices low, and supports my local community! A former Pattern Maker & Technical Designer, I've worked with military apparel, swimwear, children's wear, uniforms, underwear, outdoor gear, and sleepwear. My favorite part is seeing an item all the way from initial concept to final creation, and now directly to the customer. I love selling online! More »