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Welcome to CastleberryGlass

I am a Stained Glass Artisan specializing lead came. I create functional handcrafted nightlights perfect for gift giving and home decor. I also incorporate Pressed Flowers in many one of a kind designs. Created in Suncook, NH using traditional, authentic stained glass method. The Process: Design and trace the template, score each sheet of glass, then snap into rough shapes, grind to smooth the edges, wrap in stretched lead came and solder at all points and the pieces are layered, soldered together to create the final design. Washed, polished, attached to the UL approved plug and packaged in a gift box and shipped with a spare light bulb. Iridescent Glass is a rainbow-like effect that changes according to the angle from which it is viewed or the angle of incidence of the source of light. Slight variations in color, shading and shape are inherent in hand crafted works. More »