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CELLOS PREDATOR INDONESIA Turn Heads, Break Necks. Custom Designed, Assembled and Painted by in-House Experts. - Predator Collective Helmets ~ For the truly passionate riders. At Predator Collective we seek to provide one simple thing: Premium Custom Helmets and Accessories for passionate riders who want to maximize the aesthetic of their riding. For many riders a standard mold, factory assembled helmet is enough. For us it isn't, we choose to dedicate ourselves to the Riders who want something more. High quality, premium built, ultra-specialized custom designs that turn heads everywhere they go. - A Personal Touch For many all of our designs, we carefully hand stitch, or painstakingly airbrush on expertly detailed paint jobs which gives our helmets their authentic custom appearance, which is simply unmatched by machines. - A Helping Hand If that isn’t enough motivation. We work along side local craftspeople and global merchants to New Models Updated! Unlike many predator helmet on the market which is based on Open Face, our predator helmet is a full face helmet, which provides with more safety features. now has reopened the making of predator helmets. even coming soon from our newest helmet, is the Deadpool helmet, Batman Arkham and Batman classic Helmet :) Happy shopping More »