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I create beautiful, lightweight faux feather earrings from used bicycle tubes. I gather the tubes from local bicycle repair shops or from friends. Most of the tubes would be bound for the landfill, so the repair shops are happy to oblige my request for any blown out tubes they have changed out recently. These tubes get upcycled into faux feather earrings. Taking something that would normally get thrown into the trash and being able to transform it into wearable art brings me great joy! I have been making these earrings for 4 years now, offering them for sale at gift stores in the Portland, Oregon area, where I'm from. This is my first adventure into online sales, and it's exciting to finally be able to refer folks to an actual website where my items are sold. It always makes me smile when I hear back from customers that -"These are my favorite pair of earrings. I get so many compliments when I wear them!" I totally get it, they are my favorite pairs to wear too! I just love how lightweight they are, I sometimes forget that I'm wearing them at all! More »