Welcome to Dorita

We are now having our Fall Festival Sale with a whopping 20% off everything in the store.Buy those Christmas presents now while they are the best buy. I love crafting. I get so much satisfaction out of creating something beautiful. I love giving gifts to my family and friends. Besides new wood and glass some of the painted objects I up cycle from Habitat for Humanity, thrift stores or yard sales and bring them back to life. This enables me to keep my prices down and pass the savings on to you. I have been busy for the past year and have neglected this site but I will be adding things regularly for the coming weeks so come back and visit to see what's new. Although it does not show MasterCard and Visa as payments, you can pay by Credit cards by clicking on the Paypal button. Paypal will accept your credit card or bank account and you do NOT have to be a paypal member. That's how you can pay by Credit Card. More »