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A FREEBIE IS AVAILABLE FOR ALL NEW CUSTOMERS WHO CHECK THEIR EMAILS AT PURCHASE "I will call on the powers that be, to be around you and help you in your situation. You will feel their presence long after you have had your reading with me, bringing good luck in the months ahead" Welcome My Beloved and Blessed Be I am here to give you guidance, counselling and to help you make decisions. Healing when things have gone wrong. Offering you all that you wish if it be karmically allowed. 21 years experience Empath, Psychic, Clairvoyant Comprehensive Psychic Tarot Card Readings Distant Healing and Prayers on all Energy and Karmic levels Cosmic Ordering, Prayers, Spell Chanting and Blessing Rituals. Reiki Charged and Blessed by the Saints, Angels and Ascended Masters: Items used in Spellwork, Rituals, Manifestation, Crystal Grids, Voodoo, Magick, Healing, Lightwork, Esoterical Workings. All Esoterical Work considered Custom Spell Casting on request May the divine be with you PsychicBabe  )O(    xxx More »