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Stylish design in the house In recent years, the trend of interior design increasingly includes things and handmade items, as well as elements that are made according to the principle of production in their fundamental principles. Various carpets and paintings, vases and all sorts of figurines, caskets and just things that are works of contemporary authors and express the direction of modern art. If carpets are an expensive item in the house, then pottery is a luxury that anyone can afford to have! Decorative pottery can be of various shapes and sizes. A large vase is able to decorate the interior of the house in the style of the design of the middle of the last century (mid-century). A small jug will please fans of France and Bordeaux in particular. Greek lovers can also find a product to their liking and choose azure-colored wine jugs. The main thing is to give your soul, supported by a sense of style, the opportunity to choose and are not afraid to experiment. After all, any manifestation of non-standard thinking in the design design will generate a non-standard interior. It is worth noting that in our store you can order as several products for personal use. More »