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Welcome to FloridejaGreenUp

GREEN UP YOUR HOME & SPICE UP YOUR LIFE! Even though we grew up in a fairly urban surroundings, practically every house and even apartment buildings had at least a small patch of land, where everyone grew some vegetables, herbs and flowers. But land for that purpose is now scarce as it gave way to new parking lots and buildings. It is estimated that 80% of the population will soon live in cities. So one day, in a small workshop we begun to think how we could turn gardens upside down… or at least vertical! From felt and upcycled poster tarp, which would otherwise end up decaying for an age, we begun to create charming and useful pockets for vertical gardening. Easily mounted onto any wall, fence, pillar or even a window ledge, that gets at least a sunray a day, it makes for a perfect mean to end your fussing about not having enough space for a garden and supports your laziness by simply being in your home! Our main goal, really, is to let everyone - meaning those who have successfully murdered a cactus as those who are able to turn a half rotten avocado pit into a lush palm tree - know the sensation that comes from eating, smelling and admiring your own plants. From the moment you decide which plant to put in your wall-pocket of choice up until the moment you’ll be able to see, smell and taste the fruits of your labor, the small but dedicated Florideja team will provide guidance similar to those of a guru! From advice with choosing the right plant(s) and system(s), to mounting and continuous tips and recommendations as to how to keep your vertical green as happy and lush as it can be. We firmly believe, that through joint effort and dedication we can green-up urban environments, and thus, by improving microclimates help to improve macroclimate; that creativity, innovation, good design, sustainability and being in touch with people as well as nature, are the things that make this planet pleasant for all of its inhabitants. Therefore, go green - just not with envy! :) Neli & Tilen More »