Welcome to GeekHouseCreations

Geek House Creations is a home to all those who consider themselves geekish, left of center, odd, and slightly off. It's a home for those of us who watched Dr. Who while everyone else thought it was weird. It's a place for those of us who really, really loved Halloween because we were cospla yers before we knew about cosplay. It's for the Dungeons & Dragons players and LARPers, for those can get riled up about Han having shot first and know the difference between a blaster and a laser gun. Geek House Creations is celebrating all those things and giving everyone who visits a chance to take some of that geekiness home again. Inside you'll find plenty of props for cosplay and LARPing, more than a few geek-tchy decorative items like our "Tesla Gun", a gun that would great at a cosplay event but also terrific decorating a mantle or office. You'll find some great 3-D printed items like a bulbasaur planters and "mad scientist" light switch to make turning off those lights a bit more fun. More »