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Hey there! Yes...In SC "hey" is similar to "hello" elsewhere. It dives my momma crazy as a Tennessee native, but I can't seem to banish it from my vocabulary. Anyway, I currently offer 6 items, but I am working on some new products as well. I am perfecting a bar soap recipe, beard oils, and beard balm as well as soy candles. I have been selling to friends and family for a few years now, but decided to open my business to eCommerce because the timing seemed appropriate. The recipes have been formulated to compliment one another and make the skin feel soft and moisturized. In my opinion, the fragrances are heavenly and are also made from the best oils. The lotion, scrub, butter, and lip balm can also be ordered in fragrances for men. Items are competitively priced with most commercial products, so give them a try. Products can even be packaged together if you'd like. Please contact me for a quote on packaging. More »