Welcome to GreyfeatherDesigns

Greyfeather Designs, a/k/a/ "The Bird" provides high quality, one of a kind and guaranteed handmade jewelry for those who enjoy designs that are just a little edgy, and "outside the box" Many of my listings are multi-piece sets; if you like one item, but don't want to buy the whole ensemble, contact me and I'm happy to work something out. The descriptions I give of the materials used in each piece are as honest as I can make them. If I'm not sure that a stone is what it was represented to be when I bought it, I will say so. Feel free to ask before you buy if you have any questions. The glass beads used in my creations are themselves artisan-made, unique works of art. They are things of beauty, at least as valuable as the semi-precious stones I use. My glass suppliers put love into their craft, and it shows. A handcrafted piece of jewellery by "The Bird" is a one of a kind work of art. I create my designs with care, and you can wear them with pride. More »