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INKASSOUL offers fine quality handmade, bespoke, designer Jewellery & Accessories, as well as Apparel, for men and women, all delivered to you from our little world in Sydney, Australia & our lovely place in Lima, Peru. FREE SHIPPING ALL AROUND THE WORLD! >1*INKASSOUL makes & offers fine quality handmade, designer 'n andean Jewellery & Accessories. We personalize custom and we do pre-order jewellery, rings, pendants, earrings, studs, bracelets, cufflinks and necklaces in sterling silver (925), gold (750), platinum. Many new materials are often included, from time to time, on our jewellery catalog. > 2*INKASSOUL also makes & offers hand/machine made, top quality andean 'n designer Clothing Apparel & Accessories. We make sweaters, vests, ponchos, shawls, jumpers, layers, scarves, caps, hoods and mittens in baby alpaca, alpaca, acrylic, etc. Many new material are included and mixed, to obtain newer and better materials results, to offer unique sensation products! Always looking for innovation. * All our products are packaged with love and shipped directly from our Syd or Lma studio to you. Come and join us on our journey. INKASSOUL More »