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Industrial Quality Level 3D Printing - That's Our Standard The misconception for many is that 3D printing is like making a copy on a copier. This isn't the case. It takes precision components working together to produce accurate, smooth, and repeatable results. There are countless 3D printing stores on Etsy that are all too willing to sell you a low quality 'kit' print that needs significant finishing, sanding, and painting after receipt. Why? Simple, it's easy. The settings aren't important if you are going to pass off the imperfections to the client. That's not how we do business. We only use industrial quality machines capable of highly detailed and accurate results using processes such as dual extrusion, multiple material, color printing, and large volume printing. Intrepid Dawn's quality standard is reflected in our prototyping process. Every item offered has undergone multiple rounds of iterations refining supports, orientation, and layer heights until the highest quality, reliably repeatable print is achieved. We don't offer items for sale until we've made them ourselves and have perfected the process. As we prototype new products our prototype items are available to our clients at a reduced cost while we refine the settings and attempt to work towards perfection. In most cases our items are offered in a finished state with no additional prep needed. 3D printed in color and ready to display. That extra effort sets us apart. The end result is a print that looks fantastic when you receive it. That's the Intrepid Dawn standard. It's a quality level that you can see in each of our products. More »