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We respond to all orders within 24 hours. My product is wearable art and I am the artist, we guarantee the authenticity of all our items. About Us This shop contains Art work, Wearable Art work, designed and executed by myself, of Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Filled, Jeweler' Brass, Annealed Steel, Aluminum and Painted Leather, accompanied by Gem Stones in various shapes and colors, Found Items, Hand Sculpted, Dyed and Air Dried Resin, Dyed Paper Flowers and Cultured Freshwater Pearls. I started on this path for the love of art and a desire to wear pieces that were not run of the mill or mass produced and were made of real metals and natural gems, pieces that are as individual as the wearer. I soon began getting requests for my work and then started on series of 'Feel Good' pieces that have rewarded me with customers that not only appreciate my art but in wearing it, they make the design come to life. Thank You for visiting my shop. My pieces I hope, will appeal to you, because they are One Of A Kind, personally appealing and made of REAL STUFF. My works are statement pieces, that can be worn for 'fancy dress occasions' or comfortably with a tee shirt and jeans. For your 'Personal Adornment' enjoyment I will continue to come up with new and exciting pieces of Wearable Art and I will try to keep the prices reasonable for you my customer. If you have a need for me to make a personal piece for you, you may contact me via my email address and I will do my best to accommodate your request. More »