Welcome to LightAndBubbles

After saving wine corks for years, we finally decided to do something with them. We had a drawer full, a giant martini glass full on our bar and they were pouring out everywhere........We starting making crafts from them and everyone kept asking if they could buy them from us. My daughter and I started doing this together for fun and it has become a great and fun project for us to enjoy together and she is learning about having a small business. She's a good buddy and business partner and still in middle school! Why Light And Bubbles.........well, we originally started selling Candles and Soap....get it, Light And Bubbles........we loved the name so much, we've decided to keep it for our new venture into Wine Art. At some point, we may go back to the candles and soap, but for now, just the Wine Art. We hope you enjoy our art as much as we love making it! Cheers! For a limited time only - use coupon code $5OFFNOW for $5 off any purchase! Coupon expires March 31, 2017 More »