Welcome to MakOneProductions

MakOneProductions, in association with Joetoys: Our task is to build suits of armors designed from movies, comic books, and video games. Our history can be tracked back to 2013 when there was only Joe who was making Iron Man suits. Iron Man suits are always the most popular item, which pushed us forward to search various technologies in the past years. Thanks to our customers' reviews and precious suggestions, we can now serve them better by diversify the methods and materials we use to meet different needs. Who we are: Artisans? Engineers? Craftsmen? None of these positions can fully describe people like us. From what I know, we are just a bunch of people who are doing what we enjoy. Now, we are a group of five members: one 3D modeler who is responsible for 3D printing; One silicon modeler who takes charge of everything about fiberglass, latex, and resin; One EVA foam maker who can build a suit with or without the Pepakura viewer. Give him a role and he can tailor it for you; One painting master who can not only sand, paint, and repaint, but also modify an armor as you require; And two saleswomen who offer active service for before selling and after selling More »