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Welcome to MarcyMitchellArt

I am a self taught artist located in the Southwestern area of Michigan. I work in a variety of mediums with an emphasis on acrylic, soft pastels, and oil pastels. Though I enjoy developing my technique through other art styles, my interests are usually focused on abstract and impressionistic portraiture. My abstract pieces allow me the freedom to be able to communicate and explore my current thoughts and emotions during the creative process. I often find it difficult to voice my feelings with words and being able to produce an image that has a semblance of what I am experiencing is both gratifying and therapeutic. I approach portraiture as a way to blend the physical appearance with the essence of the subject - emulating not only the likeness of the individual, but unmasking who they are underneath the surface. The goal is to bridge the spirit and body, capturing the blended reflection of the embodiment of the person I am painting or drawing. During the creative process it's thrilling when the subject begins to materialize in order to introduce itself. No matter the subject or style, to me, there is little more exciting than when the image begins to emerge. My artistic vision is to create mystical images that reveal the beauty of life in all its inner and outer forms. More »