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Welcome to OAKCreationsJewelry

I have always had a passion for color, beauty, nature and jewelry. I always wanted to create my own pieces of art in jewelry. I love when something colorful, or a design, takes my breath away. So I try to capture some of that beauty in the pieces I create. I also can re-create an old, forgotten piece into something more updated that you might be more willing to wear instead of stuffing at the back a drawer. An added plus ~ 80% of my jewelry sales goes to Cincinnati Children's Hospital where my grandson is treated for several incurable disorders. The money goes towards research for these disorders in hopes that one day there will be a cure. I look forward to your enjoyment of my unique creations. Inspirational Greeting Cards ~ This past year, I began exploring another media in art. I began creating and designing greeting cards for all occasions. I'm loving it! I will also integrate some of my doodle art on some of the cards. I hope you enjoy them! Thank you for visiting us! More »