Rabid Wolf Creations

Welcome to Rabid-Wolf27

Rabid Wolf Creations debuted on September 2015. I am a huge fan of cartoons and it is disappointing that not enough cartoon products, especially in the shoe department, are not available for adults. So that's when I decided to design shoes for myself. The idea of having different shoes that no other store has made it very unique and special. At first this started out as a hobby, then what started out as a hobby turned into a huge production of sales once it appeared on Etsy. Once the shoes became a hit I started to add different products to my store line such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, jewelry, and various other items and now I am launching my own website and promoting my products on Artfire. Rabid Wolf Creations is all about showcasing my talent, designing unique, out of the ordinary, rare designs  and selling other various products not sold in stores. The goal of Rabid Wolf Creations is to bring adults back to their childhood and make them believe you are never too old to cherish those animated characters that made you smile and laugh. More »